Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your prices so much lower than other dealers?

  • Here at Silver Auto Sales, we have a much lower overhead than most dealers.
  • Silver Auto Sales is located in an Industrial Park in Frankfort, IL, which means we have lower taxes, electric bills, gas bills, taxes and initial building costs.
  • Silver Auto Sales sells most of our vehicles at dealer only auctions. That means when a dealer buys from us and pays a profit to us they will still go ahead and add their mark-up. We do not need to add any additional cost to the vehicle when you purchase it from us. We BUY-IT-DIRECT from the party trading it in.
  • Silver Auto Sales buys/sells more than 300 vehicles per month, so our profit can be less than that of any dealer that only sells 50 vehicles.
  • At Silver Auto Sales we can be as much as THOUSANDS less than Kelly Blue Book Suggested Retail Value.
  • All of the vehicles we buy are purchased from local dealers and customer trade-ins, which means, Silver Auto Sales does not pay auction fees and expensive transportation costs on each vehicle. This can add up to $700 to the cost of a vehicle.
  • At Silver Auto Sales, we sell our vehicles much faster than the average dealer. Whereas some dealers may keep their vehicles for over 120 days, we can adjust to a changing market. Other dealer's vehicles do not reflect current market values and seasonal changes. Most of our vehicles sell in the 40 day range.
  • We ask our customers to remember vehicles depreciate on dealer's lots the same percentage as when they are owned by the end consumer. It is always better to buy a car for what it is worth today then what it was worth 120 days ago.
  • Silver Auto Sales is able to pass all of the above mentioned items and pass the savings over to you!
  • Silver Auto Sales does most of the reconditioning after we sell the vehicle. We call this the REAL TIME RECONDITIONING. This allows our customers to make a decision of what they want repaired on the vehicle and what they would to buy as-is. Most of our vehicles are sold as-is but we do offer discounted rates on all services. We always want to give these options to the customer, which helps us keep the end pricing lower.
  • Silver Auto Sales buys only what we think are bargains or better than average deals. We do not need to stock any certain kind of vehicle. This allows us to pass these great deals along to our customers. New Car stores need to have a certain number of many of each product in stock for the manufacturer. At Silver Auto Sales, if we think that product may be selling at too high of a price and will depreciate considerably soon we will not buy any of those vehicles. We will wait until those models get to a fair price. It is very much like buying stocks; you need to buy when they are cheap.

How do you keep so many vehicles and such a diverse selection in stock?

  • Silver Auto Sales employs a number of buyers and salespeople that may visit up to 100 stores each week to see more than 5000 vehicles in stock. Our employees see a very diverse selection of vehicles, from high-line models to used cars with lower prices.
  • Silver Auto Sales is able to stock more than 300 vehicles at any given time. You will find what you are looking for at our dealership.
  • Looking for those rare gems that no one else can find? Silver Auto Sales can find them. And if we don’t have it now, we will find it soon.
  • Silver Auto Sales carries most makes and models in many different price ranges. Our price ranges can go from $3,000 up to $73,000. No matter what a customer’s price range is, we will find a vehicle that suits your needs.
  • Silver Auto Sales reminds customers to act fast. All cars are always being remarketed through several different marketing outlets. So if a car is not selling on our retail lot, we know where to go to move it fast. If you see something you like in our inventory, please call us today.

What kind of Inspections do you offer?

  • Most vehicles that are a 2007 model year and newer with less than 100,000 miles qualify for Silver Auto Sales’ 100 point Pre-Owned Certification Inspection.
  • Most Vehicles that are a 2001 model year and newer with less than 130,000 miles qualify for Silver Auto Sales’ 54 point Pre-Owned Safety Inspection.
  • Most Vehicles that are a 2000 model year and older qualify for Silver Auto Sales’ 35 point Pre-Owned Initial Inspection.
  • All cars regardless of year or mileage get our Silver Auto Sales’ Pre-Owned Initial Inspection.

What is the BUY-IT-DIRECT Pricing Concept?


  • All vehicles are offered prior to the New Car Dealer Costly Reconditioning
  • Prices are adjusted weekly to the rapidly changing market prices
  • Prices are well below Kelly Blue Book on most cases and usually considerable below the current market price.
  • If we cannot sell the vehicle here within the first 30 days we drastically reduce the price and offer to both other dealers and end users.


  • 4 Full time buyers who may see over 5,000 vehicles per week.
  • Currently purchasing fresh trade-ins from over 150 New Car Dealers
  • No auction fees or expensive transportation costs
  • Take advantage of our Buying Teams hard work!


  • All vehicles are sold prior to the New Car costly reconditioning
  • Sold with the balance of the manufacturers warranties (if applicable)
  • Numerous options for extended service contracts for year of coverage


  • Lower Taxes
  • Lower Building Costs
  • Lower Utilities
  • Lower Advertising Costs because our prices do the work for us!
  • Remote Location


  • Highly qualified Sales staff trained to listen to the customer; not just sell
  • Over 30 years with current ownership. Since 1986!
  • Very knowledgeable service staff


  • With the internet business being our goal we can pass the savings over to you!
  • We have always purchased for wholesale so you can take advantage of our low prices
  • Buy it before the other new car stores add their large mark-up to the final price.

What is the FIRST B-I-D Pricing Concept for Vehicles Under $5,000?

  • Silver’s plan to sell vehicles to the public that we only used to wholesale to other dealers based upon price and/or needed maintenance.
  • To offer more of a selection of lowered priced vehicles to local customers that need to stay within a certain budget.
  • To offer reduced rates in our service department for 30 days to take of any desired maintenance.
  • To properly explain that all of these vehicles will need some sort of repair or maintenance as no vehicle under $5000 is in perfect running order with no maintenance needed.
  • Clearly labeled prices on the windshield and our website
  • Silver is offering these vehicles to the public in the same way that we sell them to dealers; AS-IS AS-SHOWN.
  • Many of these vehicles are not listed online as they are hard to describe the body damage, flawed VIN reports or service concerns.

Who typically buys these FIRST BID vehicles?

  • Auto Body Repair technicians; we sold a 2011 Audi Q5 with $1,000’s in body damage and his plan was to fix it and sell it!
  • A mechanic; we sold a Honda Accord with a bad transmission and he rebuilt it!
  • A handy dad; they bought a first car for a 18 year old and did the brakes and motor mounts himself on a 2006 Focus!
  • A local business man; bought a Hummer with scratches everywhere and he wrapped it with their company logo!
  • A parent; sold a Camry with dents and dings because they figured their son would just add more!
  • What does the "PRICE MATCH Guarantee" Mean? 
  • For Current in stock vehicles only; must be matching brand, model, and exact trim level. Vehicle must be located within 100 miles of Silver Auto. The VIN report must match (for example; accident, odometer issue, or worse will not apply). The said vehicle mileage must be within 1500 miles of the Silver Vehicle listing. Vehicle must be currently for sale from a new or used car dealer. Some vehicles do not apply for the price match. WE will need to call on availbility and other fees that may be involved as some dealers may charge large fees on top of the listing price. We have seen a local dealer with $1295.00 reconditioning fee on top of the advertisied price. Some exclusions may apply.

Who does Silver sell cars to?

  • After the vehicles pass our inspection process we offer the vehicles for sale to the public for 45 days. After the vehicle is 45 days old we offer it to a network of over 500 nationwide dealers. If we do not sell it after 55 days we take the vehicles to the local Manheim Chicago Auto Auction. We sell over 150 vehicles at the auction monthly and we are the auction's largest selling dealer.

Where do we buy our vehicles?

  • Some of our vehicles come from private individuals who sell them directly to us and some come from trade-ins to our dealership. The majority of our vehicles are acquired from dealerships in the Chicagoland area, with most of them being fresh trade-ins.
  • We also buy cars from dealers for other many reasons. There are cases where a dealer has a poor history marketing a certain type of vehicle. We will purchase the vehicles they are not able to market properly from them. Often a dealer of a certain make may not want other makes on their lot. For example, if they are a Honda dealer they may not want Chevrolet models.
  • We do not buy from auctions! All of our vehicles are trade-ins mostly from new car stores.
  • Sometimes dealers have more of a certain vehicle than then they like to keep in stock. If this is the case, we can purchase the extra inventory.
    There are also times when a dealership may have too many used cars in stock and cannot afford to keep all of the cars, we then have the opportunity to purchase the inventory they need to sell.

Why did the people sell this vehicle?

We see all types of reasons at Silver Auto Sales:

  • Some people just like to get new cars.
  • Growing Families and need more room
  • Color - Sometimes people decide after the sales that they don't like the cars color. Seriously, we saw a person trade back a car 1 week later because of color!
  • Lower Payment - Customers need to lower their payment due to a number of financial reasons. We can help get them into a new car that can help their budget.
  • Higher Payment - Yes, sometimes people have more money to spend and want a nicer car! We can help them find the vehicle they are looking for that fits into their new budget.
  • Company Car - We sell to a number of businesses who provide quality pre-driven vehicles for their employees.
  • Fuel Consumption - This is a popular reason. Older model and larger vehicles offer less fuel economy then some newer models. We can help find the vehicle a customer is looking for to lower their fuel costs.
  • Leases - Customers may have previously leased their car and now that lease is up. Customers come to us to find their next vehicle.
  • Lots More - There are so many reasons that customers shop for their next vehicle at Silver Auto Sales. We are here to help you find the next car, truck, crossover, Van, or SUV that you are looking to buy.

Do you offer financing on all cars and what options do I have?

  • Yes, Silver Auto Sales does offer financing with approved credit with a 3rd party lender. We do not offer in-house financing, but we do have relationships with many banks and we are able to get 92 percent of applicant's financing approved within 30 minutes.
  • We can even get financing terms that go up to 84 months! The loans we offer are simple interest loans with no pre-payment penalty. Our lowest rates will fluctuate daily, but we have seen rates as low as 1.99 percent.
  • We work with many banks including but not limited to Chase, Ally, Wells Fargo, Capitol One, and many others including local banks.

When will I receive my title? (IL customers)

  • All Illinois titles will get mailed to the Illinois Secretary of State for processing. Cash/Check paying customers can expect to wait between 60-90 days for processing. You can call the IL Secretary of State with any questions directly at 800-252-8980 or you can email us directly at and we will do our best to assist you.
  • Customers who financed their vehicle through a bank will not get the title until they pay off the car's loan. Illinois is a title holding state. You can call your bank directly with any questions. Some states have different policies so be sure to check your local Department of Motor Vehicles website or call for more information.

When will I receive my new license plates or my registration card when I transfer? (IL customers)

  • We issue all new plates here and issue transfers of license plate cards at Silver Auto Sales as a convenience to our customers. We work with the State of Illinois and the CVR website to get you these plates right away for a $25 fee.
  • You can call the IL Secretary of State with any questions directly at 800-252-8980 or you can email us directly at and we will do our best to assist you. For our customers from other states, we are able to provide a temporary registration permit.

When will I receive my title and my plates? (Out of State Buyers)

  • Since all States have different laws on this subject, Silver Auto sales works with a titling company to help handle all of these concerns. We use TitleTec and they can be reached at (877) 684-4958. They also can be contacted directly at They are very well versed in all of the fees and processing the paperwork.
  • We offer their services to you the customer at a cost of $120.  Please do not go to your local DMV until we mail you all of the proper documentation.
  • All cash paying customers will receive their title certified mailed to them in an early as 8 days. From of payment, location of title, certain affidavits and POA’s could stall this process from time to time.
  • We wait 10 business days on all personal checks. If you need to write a personal check you can fax or email the cancelled check stub to expedite this process. We prefer wire transfers, cashier checks, or bank checks when possible.

How can I leave a deposit so I can be assured the car will be available when I get there?

  • Silver Auto Sales does offer the option of a deposit on most vehicles to ensure that the vehicle will be available when you are ready to make a purchase. When we take a deposit we offer the customer the first right of refusal. Unfortunately, we are not able to hold a vehicle without a deposit as we do want to offer the vehicles for sale and never want to prevent another customer from purchasing. 
  • We offer 2 types of deposits: 24 Hour Refundable and we offer a 14 Day NON-Refundable. The 24 Hour Refundable deposit must be done in person and the purchasing party must have seen the car and agreed to all of the numbers before leaving the deposit. The 14 Day NON-Refundable is typically for out of state customers who have not seen the vehicle and need to set up travel plans. 
  • We offer deposits as a convenience to our customers so please be patient with certain situations. But we always say if you are concerned that the car may sell before you can get here just be sure to secure the sale with full payment and be done.
  • WE cannot take a deposit for a vehicle without approved financing if needed. We may also ask for proof and/or form of payment if you will be using another source for payment. 
  • If you do leave a deposit on a vehicle and we get another customer willing to buy the vehicle we may call you and ask for a non-refundable deposit to make all things fair to all parties.
  • If you do leave a 24 hour refundable deposit and later you decide not to buy the vehicle, simply tell the salesperson of the reason why you do not want the vehicle and we will refund the money within hours.
  • Your qualified salesperson will be able to give you all the details of our deposit program including the amount of time your deposit will hold the vehicle you have chosen.

Do you offer Free Vehicle History Reports?

  • Yes, we do obtain AutoCheck reports on all vehicles even before we buy them. All of our vehicles also come free with a $5,000 Buyback Guarantee. Please ask a qualified Silver Auto Sales salesperson for full details.

Why do the brakes on the vehicle make so much noise? (Real Time Value Process)

  • When a vehicle sits for a few days on a dealership's lot the bare metal rotors may develop a thin layer of rust and could make a grinding noise. Usually after the vehicle is driven a few miles the noise will go away. If you feel that the above explanation is not the case after some miles have been driven please feel free to contact us.

Why are all of the vehicles not detailed? (Real Time Value Process)

  • Due to the process we use to recondition all of our vehicles at Silver Auto Sales we may not detail the vehicle until all of the other reconditioning has been completed. When a mechanic is going in and out of the vehicle they may get it dirty and/or greasy. This assures us that the final product will be perfectly detailed inside and out.

Will I get more than one set of keys for the vehicle?

  • We guarantee one set of complete keys for the vehicle when we sell the vehicle. We do on occasion receive a second or even third set of keys. In the event that we do receive another set we will contact you to set up a time to pick them up.

What Fees and Taxes are customers responsible for?

  • All fees and taxes are in accordance with the individual state laws. - $300 Documentary Fee, which pays for Silver Auto Sales to process title and plates according to the local laws and ordinances. - License and Titling Fees, these are a standard set cost right from the individual state. All of these we do at a service for our customers and do not profit from these. - Out of State buyers that chose to finance with us may be charged an additional $120 processing fee for us to outsource individual state fees and taxes.
  • Out of State customers may also have a $10 drive a way fee to get 30 days to get the actual plates for the vehicle.

Can you find a particular vehicle for us if we cannot find it in your inventory?

  • At Silver Auto Sales this is one of the main focuses of our business. We can see over 5,000-6,000 vehicles per week, so we can definitely find that needle in a haystack for you. Whether it is a dream car or work truck, we can find it. Talk to one of our Sales Professionals to learn more about this service. Or give us your email and we will update you daily with all of our new arrivals. At Silver Auto Sales, we get 10-15 new vehicles delivered to us every day, tell us what you would like and we will contact you!

Can you offer warranties on your vehicles?

  • We at Silver Auto Sales offer Extended Service Contracts on 100% of our vehicles. Any certified service center can work with our service contracts. That means you can still go to the mechanic that you trust and have used forever. We want our customers to feel comfortable with their mechanic instead of only having to use a certain service center. We can give you that choice.

Can Silver Auto Sales perform the service repairs on my new vehicle?

  • Our qualified team of service professionals can repair all makes and models of vehicles. At Silver Auto Sales we also deal with all warranty companies and can even work with new car warranties. And we work at a considerably lower hourly rate than new car stores. Not only can we repair your vehicle but we can do it for less.

What do we do if our vehicle has some sort of mechanical breakdown after we purchase the vehicle?

  • If you purchased the vehicle from Silver Auto Sales AS-IS, we offer no additional warranty but you may contact our Service Department for a reduced inspection. We ask our customers to please understand that when a vehicle is bought AS-IS, it means simply that it is AS-IS and we cannot offer anything further on that vehicle. If at the time of purchase you have bought a service contract, please refer back to that information and contact our Service Department for the repair.

What can I do if the salesperson and I set up an agreement prior to taking delivery?

  • We have a special document called a WE-OWE form at Silver Auto Sales. Any promise that we as a store make will be typed and signed by all parties. Please be sure that all promises and service work owed is written and typed out.

How can I receive the $100 Referral Check and how does that program work?

  • We get a lot of our business from our referrals. All previous customers that refer a new customer to purchase a vehicle from Silver Auto Sales will get a referral check made out to their name. Be sure that the customer tells the salesperson they work with that they were referred by you. Make sure they know to fill out the referral program form while they purchase the new car. This will allow us to request the referral check. This check will go out within 30-60 days. Please be sure that you inform the referred customer to let us know who sent them in before they purchase the vehicle. Please note: We cannot send referral checks if this is not followed. If you sent a referral and were not sent a referral email us directly at

Do you accept trade-ins or even buy vehicles out right?

  • Yes, we operate even better when a customer is trading in their vehicle. To make this process easy, we offer free used car appraisals. At Silver Auto Sales we buy cars from many people each month that will just show up and sell us a vehicle. We love these vehicles because our customers take very good care of them.
  • We also will pay off the vehicle for you!

Other Statements or Facts

  • Silver Auto Sales has Over 35 years of experience in the Used Car Market, we know what a vehicle is worth!
  • We are the "out of town" appraisers that other dealers talk about when they have sales!
  • All of the vehicles Silver Auto Sales purchases are from dealers, not auctions. Most of our quality vehicles are fresh trade-ins and also cars other dealers could not sell. We like these opportunities because we get the vehicles in the exact condition they were received upon trade-in. Then we at Silver Auto Sales are sure that the vehicle is not falsely described by another dealer who hides potential problems.