We are one of the only shops in the area to perform most (if not all) repairs that your vehicle may need. From Windshields to Wheels to removing dents. We can do it all! Take a look at the photos to see if we can help! WE try to list prices on all repairs but these being so unique we gave some averages. Thanks for looking!

Silver Wheel Repair

  • Remove curb rash
    Starts at $49
    Minor Clean up and Touch Up

  • Full Repair & Refinish
    Starts at $149
    Additional hours can and will be added at $55 per hour.

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Silver Interior Repair

  • Small Burn
    Starts at $110
  • Deep Interior Cleaning and Odor Repair
    Starts at $115
  • Seam Repair
    Starts at $125
  • Leather Dyeing
    Starts at $99

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Silver Carpet Dyeing


Deep Clean and Rejuvenation
Cargo area and Footwells starting at $129 each*

* severely stained/discolored will be extra


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Silver Paintless Dent Repair

  • Minor Door dings
    Starting at $99-$149 Per Panel
  • Bigger dents
    * estimate only

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Silver Glass Repair

  • Bulls eye
    Starting at $99
  • Most windshield replacements under

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Computer matched touch up and application

You keep the bottle!


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Contacts for Reconditioning Department are:

Call 815-806-1390 or Text 779-254-7808

Most services start at these prices but we need to estimate to be exact. Prices valid on most cars. Average cleaning not excessive.